Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pray for these and think about this...

It is a joy for us to be able to pray for one another as a congregation.

Pray for Jayn Almand whose sister in Bainbridge passed away. Her sister had had a long battle with sickness. Pray for Jayn's safety and for God's comfort.

Pray for Dorothy Morgan's daughter, Dianne Thompson. She was diagnosed with Stage Rectal cancer on Monday. The doctors will be doing 4 - 6 aggressive and immediate treatments of chemotherapy with hopes of doing surgery.

Pray (and celebrate) with Pat and Wendell Story. They are new grandparents of a grandson that was born yesterday in Alabama.

Pray for sister church, Pitts Baptist Church. They will be in Revival Services next week. Clint Sullens is the pastor and Rev. James Bryant will be preaching. Ask God's special blessing on this congregation that they will live with passion for His glory.

I continue to be amazed at what God did through the Women's Retreat this past weekend at the Houston Baptist Camp. How good to see 85 women come and fellowship together and sit under powerful Bible teaching. One thing my bride told me she heard from women at the retreat was this...

Women that stated they believed if churches in our area were going to make real impact there must be a resurgence and revival in leadership of men stepping up and taking seriously the things of God.

This was profoundly challenging to me as I heard to report of godly women that desire to see this happen in our congregations. Let us pray for this end. Let us join together and ask that God be greatly glorified through the lives of men that desire Him and seek to live lives that please Him.

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