Thursday, January 29, 2009


In doing some reading this week from the book Comeback Churches by Ed Stetzer, I had three phrases that came to my mind. I am not sure the phrases are world-changing, but they have caused me to do some pondering the last few days. I want to offer the three phrases to you and perhaps they might cause you to do some thinking about the life, nature and ministry of a local church. (Of course, I am thinking specifically about Arabi Baptist Church in Arabi, Georgia.)

> Christ impacts people

-the nature of God is that He purposely relates to his creation in a intentional/relational way

-God covenants with Abraham to make him the father of a great nation of people and

through this nation of people (Israel), God promises to bless the world

-from Abraham's people, God sends the Messiah and Savior Jesus

-In Christ, through his atoning sacrifice on the cross, a new covenant is established that goes

beyond Israel to the Gentiles

-people enter into this new covenant relationship through faith

-Christ grants those who respond to the Gospel with access to God and the forgiveness of sin

-God extends the scope of His call to people who become the Church

> Followers of Christ impact each other

-the people of God, the Church, have a unique and accountable relationship with one another

-in this context, Christians exist to help one another grow in odedience to obeying what

Christ commands

-Christians love one another and create communities where faith is nourished

-Christians extend care for one another

-the unique love that the Church expresses is a witness to the world that they are indeed

followers of Christ

> The church impacts the world

-the Church carries out the mission of God, empowered by His Holy Spirit

-the Church testifies to the reality of the Gospel

-the Church is the hands and feet of Jesus to call people to become followers of Christ

-the Church impacts all parts of communities where it exists

-the Church displays the glory of God as it faithfully participates in His Great Commission

Again, these are some initial thoughts. However, because of these biblical truths, a local church must faithfully display the call of Christ in community with one another and within the community it is placed. It looks like something. How does it look?

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