Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guide: Hearing the Voice of God

This past Sunday evening during Adult Discipleship, we truly benefitted from hearing John Ortberg—Teaching Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian—teach on God being our guide. It is always good to hear faithful pastors give us biblical direction, particularly when it comes to obeying the voice of God.

How many of us have gone through a circumstance when were seeking and listening for God’s voice of direction for a decision that we needed to make? How many of us have had an impression or thought that might have went something like this…

“Hey, you need to call _________ (fill in the blank with the name that came to your mind) and encourage them!”

“You need to send _________ a card to encourage them through this difficult time they are facing.”

“Pay attention…go an talk to _________, they are heading in an unhealthy direction and I want you to warn them!”

“Go and make your relationship with _________ right, you were wrong and need to seek forgiveness.”


“Tell them that God loves them!”

John’s teaching was so helpful because it reminded us that if these promptings are consitent with Scripture, consistent with the character of God, in line with Christian living and honor Christ…then the main point is for us to obey.

If you did not have an opportunity to see the DVD but would like to or would like to see it again, please let me know and I will be glad to let you borrow it. This coming Sunday, we will be viewing another pastor from the Menlo Park Team, Scott Scruggs, teach on “Fear of the Future.” Be with us this Sunday eveing at 6:00 p.m.

I also want to follow up with a Discipleship announcement I made a few weeks ago in both Discipleship Time and our last Congregational Meeting. On September 20, we will launch a special 7 week time of Discipleship designed specifically for “…just men” and “…just women”. These time will allow us to have time together as a group of men and a group of women. There are seasons that call for us to grow together specifically for the benefit of our individual lives and for the benefit of our congregation.

Several months ago, I sensed that our men, in particular, needed some specific time which would allow our more mature men to help our younger men grow. This is been something I have spoken with our deacons about over the past months and they agree. In fact, a conversation I had with a man this past Sunday reminded me of how important it is for us to have intentional times for our men to grow together in their love for Christ! I know that this process will benefit our ladies as well.

On September 20, our men will be going through a study based on Coach Tony Dungee’s book UnCommon. “Dare to Be UnCommon” will challenge our men to grow closer to christ in various areas of our lives.

Our ladies will be taking on a study entitiled, “Me, Myself and Lies.” The focus of this study is to guide ladies in redesigning their “thought closet.” In other words, having a thought life based on God’s Word as you face life.

I believe God will use these times in a special way, in particularly, as we come closer to our time together as a church during our Lay Renewal on November 13 – 15.

If you have any questions, let me know. Have a blessed week and look forward to seeing you on Wendesday Night.
Much grace to you all,
Rodney, Psalm 32:8

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