Monday, October 19, 2009

Fellowship in Fun

"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works"
Hebrews 10:24

"Old" (i.e. the older members participating) and young moved across with the field with joy and excitment. Runners strove up the baselines with intensity. Batters swung for the gate. Throws were made-some taking their spots while others were errant. Runs were scored. And laughter was heard all around.

Saturday was a fantastic time together for those who gathered for the church-wide softball game. It had been many years since a softball game had actually taken place on our old field. I am sure that memories flooded the minds of those that participated in church league games years ago. For one moment, the old competitive juices flowed again in a game that led to a final score of 23-22.

As we played together on Saturday, we were reminded of the simple joy of just being together and being a part of an activity that allowed us to enjoy one another. You can't help but wonder why such things are not more a part of our regular fellowship. It is in those times that we get to see things about each other that we have never seen before. We are able to "let our hair down" and laugh and run and smile. It is in that fellowship together that we enjoy one another and are glad that we are a part of each other's lives.

In those moments we recognize how much we love each other and are glad that we are in each others lives.

In the midst of sore muscles and funny attempts to recover old sports glory, we are surrounded by the joy of being part of the church. We see God's good gift of laughter and friendship and sport.

We see that fellowship is often the choice to be together. Yes - we can be doing something else with our Saturdays. Yes - we can be somewhere else. Yes - when we are together like that, we wonder, perhaps, why we have not sought that fellowship sooner and more often. (I am sure some who woke up on Sunday mornign know why it has been a long time?)

As I headed off toward Savannah on Saturday evening after the softball game and cookout, I was truly happy. I was glad to have been in Arabi, Georgia with an incredibly fun group of people. I was glad that their was joy and love in our midst. I was touched by the sweet memory of a group of people that surrounded me and prayed for me as I would go and preach to another sister congregation. It all communicated to me-we are together and it is good.

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