Friday, May 16, 2008

Vacation: Do Cookies and Portable DVD Players Provide Happiness?

We made it! Our family completed the nearly 600 miles from Arabi, Georgia to Fredericksburg, Virginia. After a nice dip in the pool, we had supper at a place I dined as a summer missionary nearly twenty years ago. Talk about reflecting on change and enjoying a new season of life!

Our trip today revealed a few things.

One, James is right: "you have not because you ask not." In this passage on prayer James is speaking of asking God for what we need and then making sure that we are doing it with right motives. Today, we stopped at a rest area just outside Greensboro. There we workers restocking the vending machines. As me, Elijah and Evan were off taking a walk, Kate engaged the three people working in conversation--as she is so prone to do. Such talks usuall begin with "What you doing?!?" That's all Kate needs to draw them in because somehow, she knows that people love to talk about themselves. In the midst of that talk, she simply and kindly asked them for some of their cookies. If that was all that they would have done!

Cookies...Reese's Cups...Pretzels came to be in possession of my precious girls hands. And not spending those things on her own passion, she gladly shared with all of us what she had been given because she simply asked.

Oh that my prayer life with the Father would be so simple and faithful.

Two, portable DVD players do not bring more contentment. In fact, they bring new opportunities for arguments unknown by former generations. Argue over which movie to watch. Argue over who will hold the player or where it should be directed. Argue over the volume. Argue over someone touching the button. Argue over hitting your brother in the eye because you are tired of him talking to loudly over the movie.

What is missed? The trees. The river. The dead beaver. The different tags of cars traveling. Etc. Etc. Etc. Paul told the Philippians that he had learn to be content no matter the circumstance. Have you ever really considered the context of Philippians 4:13. It might not be what you think.

Thank you Lord for precious lessons through the lives of my kids and this wonderful trip you have granted to us.

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