Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vacation: Singin' Your Guts Out!

Day 2 of the Bradford vacation was a mild mannered day as Kathy and I are trying to conserve our energy for tomorrow's race. We had lunch at a great Italian place for a little carb loading. It was then off to the Fredericksburg Expo center to pick up our race numbers and timing chips. We spent some time browsing around the vendors and getting some free stuff (i.e. pens, hats, key chains, etc.) and purchasing some necessary stuff (a new pair of sun glasses for Kathy and BodyGlide for both of us--one must avoid chaffing!). The afternoon was for naps.

This evening went down to the historic Old Town Fredericksbug for supper at a really good deli. We then took a leisurely stroll down the street and enjoyed some of the sites. We stopped in this new book store that was celebrating their grand opening. For my kids, a book store is like heaven on earth. However, at this place, called The Griffin, a pair of guys were singing an eclectic mix of acoustic folk and country songs. None of which I had ever heard before. The singer would tell short interludes revealing scenes from his life when he lived in Asheville, NC and regularly performed with this group called The Biscuit Burners that we touring in Fredericksburg at the end of June. The funny part of all this was that besides me and Elijah, there were onlyh about six people really listening. Nonetheless, this guy sang his guts out every tune as if he were Bob Dillon and the room was full of a thousand. Though somewhat funny, there is much to be said for passion.

If some guy can sing tunes with such a passion for six, surely I can live with passion for the audience of ONE!

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